Your trip to Iceland has just ended or was a few days ago, and the amazing impressions are still there, but everyday life is already creeping back in. We know that feeling and have some tips on how you can best keep your memories fresh…

Iceland is a country with breathtaking sights, whether along the southern coast, in the fjords in the east or west, or in the highlands: anyone who has been here takes home impressions that they will never forget. Nevertheless, experiences fade and fade into the background in everyday life. Here are some ideas on how you can best preserve your memories of Iceland:


Travel diary

You can keep a travel diary before and during your trip. This is not only a nice pastime after a strenuous day on the road but also something that is often not available today: a real, tactile piece of travel.

Of course, you can document and share your trip digitally. But sometimes nothing beats ink on paper to capture memories. You can then pull out your travel diary regularly and indulge in memories…


Photo book

Create a photo book: Iceland is a beautiful country, and you have surely taken many pictures. Why not capture these memories in a photo book? You can create a personalized photo book and keep it as a reminder of your Iceland vacation or even use it as a gift for friends and family.

Photo books are a great way to make your trip tangible and to indulge in memories again and again, to show them to family and friends or just to look nice on the coffee table. There are many providers; we have received good feedback on Cewe and Pixum, both of which offer their own software that simplifies design and provides many different formats and materials for your personal photo book.


Share your experiences

Share your experiences on your social media account or on a travel blog. There are certainly many people who are interested in learning more about your trip to Iceland and reading your impressions. You can also inspire other travellers to visit Iceland.

Facebook groups, for example, are ideal for this. Our group “Islandliebe” is the right place for everyone who has taken Iceland to their heart. Photos, stories, messages, and experiences of all kinds can be shared here.

A great service for high-quality photos is Unsplash. The photos can be used by anyone without indicating the source or anything else. I often use the photos here on the blog and regularly share my own photos there so that others can use them without having to worry about usage rights.

We are also on Instagram: feel free to tag us, and we will share your pictures in our stories or in the feed!


Learn Icelandic

Icelandic is one of the oldest languages in the world and has a fascinating history. Why not use your time to learn the basics of the language? There are many online courses and apps that you can use to learn Icelandic and deepen your knowledge of Iceland.

Icelandic is not exactly easy to learn, and many people find it difficult even after several years in the country and a lot of contact with locals. Therefore, apps do not seem to be the best option to me (for example, Babbel does not offer Icelandic at all).

In our Facebook group, some providers of Icelandic courses can be found, and you can also exchange ideas with other learners here!


Cook Icelandic

As the saying goes, love goes through the stomach, and those who want to retrieve vacation experiences from memory can do so with a typical Icelandic meal.

Icelandic cuisine is shaped by the natural resources of the island and the challenges posed by the harsh climate and remote location. Fish, meat, and dairy products are among the most well-known ingredients in Icelandic cuisine. The island is surrounded by the sea and mountains, which means that fish and game are abundant. Dairy products, especially yogurt and cheese, are also important ingredients in Icelandic cuisine. Here are some dishes you can try:

Plokkfiskur: A traditional Icelandic fish dish consisting of boiled fish, potatoes, onions, and dairy products. It is often served with dark bread and is a hearty and satisfying dish.

Hákarl: This dish is made from fermented shark and is one of the most famous and unusual dishes in Icelandic cuisine. The smell and taste can be an acquired taste for some people, but it is an important part of Icelandic culture and tradition.

Skyr: Skyr is an Icelandic cheese (often mistaken for quark or yogurt) that is becoming increasingly popular due to its high protein and low-fat content. It is often served with fruit and honey as a dessert.

Brennivín: Brennivín is a traditional Icelandic liquor that is often served with dishes like Hákarl. It has a strong taste and is often considered a national drink.

Lambakjöt: Lamb meat is an important ingredient in Icelandic cuisine and is often used in stews and braised dishes. The meat is tender and flavourful and is often served with potatoes and vegetables.

You can find instructions for these dishes in various cookbooks.


Icelandic products at home

Iceland has many unique products that you can use at home. From wool sweaters to Icelandic beer, there are many ways to keep your memories of Iceland alive. You can also listen to Icelandic music or watch Icelandic movies to revive the feeling of the island.


Plan your next trip

If you have fallen in love with Iceland, why not plan another trip? There is still so much to discover and explore, from the Northern Lights to the geothermal springs. You can also visit other places near Iceland, such as Greenland or the Faroe Islands.

Maybe have a look at The Iceland App an get some inspiration there…



Iceland is a beautiful country that is worth visiting. When you are back home, there are many ways to keep your memories of Iceland alive. Whether you create a photo book, learn the Icelandic language, or simply use Icelandic products, there are many ways to use your experiences and share your enthusiasm for Iceland.