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Golden Circle in Iceland

The Golden Circle in Iceland is the country’s most popular route, offering the best sights in a single day trip. It includes everything that one must see in Iceland, from historical sites to hot springs, waterfalls, and sometimes even the Northern Lights. Millions of tourists visit this route every year to marvel at these attractions. […]

Iceland packing list

You want to travel to Iceland and not forget anything? Then the Iceland packing list is made for you. Especially because I made it just for you! 🙂 On the next pages, I want to put together a comprehensive packing list and give you tips and tricks for your trip to Iceland. Personally, I always […]

Iceland hot springs, hot pots, swimming ...

Iceland has vast amounts of natural hot springs, pools and hotpots, swimming pools and spas. The geothermal activity in the country is so high, that most areas in the country can source the hot water directly from the ground and thus it’s quite easy to supply pools with hot water as well. In this article, […]


Icelands Ring Road is well equipped with tourist features, landmarks and all other kinds of points of interest. Waterfalls, glacial lagoons, black sand beaches and bizarre lava fields are just a few of the amazing spots to see on Icelands number one road. The attractions include beautiful small towns and fascinating landscapes. Some of them […]